Eindhoven, NL

 Eindhoven, NL

Institution: Fontys University of Applied Sciences / MBRT, Eindhoven

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  • Travel information
    • Nearest airport
    • Trains : http://www.ns.nl/
    • You have to check in and out with an OV-chipkaart (a smart card) or single-use chipcard at the train station before and after your journey. Please, have a look at the website for more information.
    • We shall meet the students upon arrival at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam or airport Eindhoven. Our students , department MBRT, will join you during the trip from Amsterdam / Eindhoven (Airport) towards Eindhoven railway/bus station(accommodation).
      • Traintickets cost approximately € 20,-. (single)
    • The cost of traveling to the hospitals, during your clinical placement, in the southern region of the Netherlands will be paid by the Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven Department MBRT.
    • You will get more specific information in the second semester of this calender year.

  • Student accommodation
    • The coordinator will be contact person in searching accommodation. You will be offered some url’s of privat agencies. Once names, addresses etc. is available, provided by yourself, the agency will sent students directly an application form. You need to fill in this applicationform and send this back to the agency. Since sept.2017 rental prices of monthly increased and approx. € 700,- / 800,- per month.
    • The accommodation includes also cooking facilities and will be situated in the city of Eindhoven. You will have to respond to the agency (by applicationform) before mid November 2018 (under reservation ) including payment in advance. ( if requested)


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